Direct Primary Care


You will receive your medical care as well as many other benefits that are not typical of a traditional medical practice when you join Arbor Vitae Medical Center. Our focus is to spend more time with you during visits so that we can promote wellness and prevention, not simply treating isolated symptoms.

When you become a member, all of your primary care needs are taken care of including these benefits:

  • No copays or deductibles

  • Access to your provider after hours and weekends for urgent needs

  • Direct communication with your provider via email, text, video chat, or phone

  • Longer office visits (30-60 minutes). No more being rushed out the door

  • Same day and next day appointments

  • Little to no wait time


Direct Primary Care membership includes the following services

  • Annual exams and wellness visits

  • Sick visits

  • Home visits when medically necessary (subject to travel fees when over 5 miles from clinic location)

  • In office testing such as strep and urinalysis

  • Basic labs included for those without insurance coverage to include CBC, CMP, TSH, lipids, HgbA1c

  • Basic wound care

  • Specific joint injections

  • Unlimited integrative care visits

  • Annual physical/pap

  • Nutritional counseling

Join Our


Membership Fees

Membership fees are simple at our holistic medical center:


  • $75/mo - per individual (up to 2 adults)

  • $125/mo - One Adult + One child (<18 yrs old)

  • $150/mo - Families with 2 adults and up to 4 family members in the same household, each additional child is $10/mo

There is a one time registration fee of $75 per individual or $150 per family, after 6 months of continued membership.  You must sign on for a minimum of 3 months.

If you have extensive health challenges such as auto-immune disease, chronic disease or cardiovascular disease, we can help.  Please see our Function Medicine options.  For mood issues and hormone issues see our Bioidentical Hormone options.

What is the Direct Primary Care Model?

Direct Primary Care is an innovative alternative payment model that allows patients unprecedented access to their primary care provider for a simple, flat, affordable monthly fee, usually less than the average cell phone bill.   This model allows patients and providers the time they need to address issues and create a trusting and enduring therapeutic relationship.  It allows for the use of technology and telemedicine to ensure patients have access to care in whatever manner is most convenient for them.

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