Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care

At AVH we offer a direct primary care membership for newborns through adult. This membership is meant for those who are generally healthy and who would like a more holistic approach to health. This membership includes all primary care sick and well visits, and there are no additional copays or deductibles.


Direct Primary Care membership includes the following services

  • Primary care from a holistic, integrative perspective

  • Annual exams and well check/wellness visits

  • Sick visits/acute care visits

  • Home visits when medically necessary (subject to travel fees)

  • In-office testing such as strep and urinalysis

  • Basic labs included for those without insurance coverage to include CBC, CMP, TSH, lipids, HgbA1c; labs billed through insurance when coverage is present

  • Basic wound care

  • Discounts on supplements and labs when needed

Membership Fees

Membership fees are simple:

  • $99/mo - per individual (up to 2 individuals) >1 year of age

  • $129/mo - per child (age newborn to 12 months)

  • $199/mo - Families of up to 4 people age >1 year and up; $10/mo per each additional child.

  • $229/mo - Families including an infant (newborn-12 months old) of up to 4 people; $10/mo per each additional child age > 1 year and up (contact us for pricing for families of multiple infants)

There is a one-time registration fee that is equal to one month's membership fee. While membership is meant to be continuous and long-term, you must sign on for a minimum of 6 months.

If you are experiencing a health challenge or hormonal imbalance that you would like to address with a root-cause approach, we can help. Please see our Function Medicine options.

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