Weight Loss Program

Are you having difficulty losing weight? Do you drop a few pounds then put it right back on? Let Arbor Vitae Holistic Medical Center help! Our goal in the weight loss program is to achieve weight loss utilizing a nutritional plan and specific fat burning supplementation, then teach you how to optimize your nutrition and lifestyle to keep it off for good.

Program Duration

The program is approximately 4 months long and utilizes a functional medicine, root-cause approach to identify and address any hidden causes of weight gain.

Program Details

The program starts with a genetic test to find out exactly what your "built-in" weight challenges are as well as a comprehensive lab panel (run through insurance) to identify any imbalances in glucose metabolism, hormones, thyroid, vitamins and minerals, or allergens that may be preventing you from losing weight. We then work to correct these imbalances along with initiating a personalized diet plan tailored to your health and genetics. You will be in close contact with both the medical provider and the nutritional therapist throughout the program.

Phases of the Program


Work towards detoxification, reducing inflammation and healing the gut, along with correcting any imbalances discovered in the initial work up.


The goal is accelerated fat loss through nutrition and targeted supplementation.


Work to create a sustainable lifestyle that will allow you to keep the weight off.

Complete Program Price $3200

Includes genetic testing and all supplements. Payment plans are available.

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